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Your Bath: Create Calm With Natural Tile

A bathroom should make you feel refreshed and clean, and it’s important for the décor of the space to reflect that sense of calm. Organic forms, patterns and colours will ground the overall space, add texture and work with almost any style. Plus, whenever you bring the outside in, you can’t help but feel a little rejuvenated.

Ground your contemporary look, with slate tile.

Create a focal point, with a hand-made tile feature wall.

Enhance the calm, by stacking limestone or terrazzo tile

Mix and match. Combine shapes, patterns and styles for a unique look. Here's some tips providing guidance on how to combine tiles for natural, timeless aesthetics.

i. Balancing Busy Patterns

Use small statement tiles, such as these small glass tiles, to create a feature on a backsplash or another small area rather than across an entire room. Combine them with large-scale plain tiles and you’ll avoid a design that makes your eyes go funny.

ii. Pairing Pattern With Plain

Restrict your use of patterned tiles to one surface — either the floor or a feature wall. Here, black and white penny tiles laid in a hexagon pattern take center stage, while the white subway shower tiles provide a light-enhancing background.

For an example of a similar pairing check-out our Spotlight section.

iii. Play With Scale

One of the most important tips for mixing tile well is to create balance by combining small- and large-scale patterns. In this bathroom three tile types are combined successfully: tiny hexagonal mosaics on the bath and walls, medium hex tiles on the basin surround and large oblong tiles on the floor. The monochrome palette helps create a harmonious whole.

iv. Treat Stone as a Neutral

Floor-to-ceiling light blue subway tiles make a statement in this supersize shower.

To soften the look and create a cohesive design, pair them with natural gray stone, which adds visual interest with a neutral pattern that doesn’t try to compete.

v. Combine Matte Finishes

For a bathroom with tactile appeal, choose two types of matte tile and break up large areas with an alternative surface, such as this exposed brick, or with plain painted walls.

vi. Juxtapose Matte and Glossy

Get away with combining similar-size tiles and busy patterns by choosing one matte style and one shiny. These high-gloss subway tiles on the vanity wall work beautifully with the matte finish hexagon floor tiles.

vii. Vary Shape, Not Color

For an easy mix that works in any space, take two tile designs in the same color but different shapes and let the grout lines form the pattern. Here, light brown hexagon floor tiles are an ideal complement to the large-format rectangular shower tiles in the same color.

Thanks for reading; we hope you found valuable information to help you better plan your next tile remodelling project. Please reach out to us (chat app is the quickest way) if you have tile pairing questions or want to bounce-off and vet ideas for your next project.

The team at your local Calgary Master Tiler would love to work with you,

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